Friday, August 7, 2009

Who says you can't go home?

This is who greeted me at the door when I walked into my house today, along with my dad. :) Peyton is just a ball of fun, and I was really excited to see my puppy nephew because I missed him so much! He's gotten so much bigger, but I still see the baby in him. I'm glad he's come to the age where he can recognize people -- his relatives -- and greet them like he hasn't seen them in forever. Whenever my mom comes home from work at 8 in the morning, he'll act like he hasn't seen in her ages, when really it'd only been a couple of hours. He's such a great dog. He's even got his own photo frame on our mantle, at the request of our Mom. Mind you, Abby and I don't have individual photo frames -- we share them while the family dog is center and on his own. Make of it what you will.

I laughed to myself when my dad saw me walk in the door and said, "You're alone?" because my family was expecting Perky Girl to come along. It was interesting to see the house virtually spotless -- our house is pretty homey, and with everyone's busy schedules, it's usually got the appearance of being lived in. You know, mail piling somewhat on the kitchen table, backpacks and jackets strewn on chairs, etc. But with the expectation of a guest's arrival, Mom was quick to pick up and tidy the house.

It's great to have a long weekend to recharge for the big move to 413 and the last week of Summer II. Buon weekend, tutti!

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  1. Soo sad I didn't get to travel with you, but it's actually been beneficial for me to be cooped up in our cave :) Peyton is soooo cute! I wish I could've played with him and sang with your parents over the weekend! Enjoy your three day weekend my love!

    PS...I've got another "comment" to share with you, courtesy of Matt ;) You'll appreciate it!