Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plug that Product!

Had a pretty good morning, with the exception of the nasty Starbucks encounter.

For some reason, people have been giving me the stink-eye today. And I honestly can't bring myself to believe that's how their faces really look. I know I have a disgruntled expression when I'm concentrating, thinking hard, or watching television, but unless the sun is glaring me in the eye, I'm either big-ass smiling my face off or laughing. I'm not one to give a stink-eye unless it is truly deserved.

I walked myself over to Starbucks to get myself an iced Americano because my eyes were beginning to grow heavy with fatigue, and as I was preparing my caffeinated concoction my liking, an impatient, balding and portly man (I will make these judgments because I feel justified after the way he treated me.) stood at a discomforting proximity. I felt his aura rushing me to stir and replace the lid on my cup, so I looked over and said, "Sorry." I guess this wasn't enough to settle the man's rage. His reaction was an expression that lit my fuse as it said, "Hurry up, bitch. I can't wait all day."

I'm sorry little man, but you can wait patiently as I attempt to pop this plastic lid back on. Thank GOD Starbucks changed the lids from the previously stiff and uncooperative ones they used to top their iced cups. Nevertheless, I moved as quickly as I could and let him do his stupid business, but I wasn't happy.

Perky and I had lunch @ Chipotle, where I tried the crunchy tacos.

Honestly, what have I been doing with my life? The photo above shows the last of my three, overflowing delicacies. I don't know if I'll ever go back to my usual chicken bowl. Goodbye, burrito; hello crunchy-wunchy tacos! Seriously, try them immediately.

I had to stop by to pick up some body wash and face wash. I couldn't resist making my way over to the Beauty Store Salon and Spa, and I came across some of the best Burt's Bees I'd ever picked up.

The Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleaning Cream is perfect for my combination skin. Massage a dime sized squeeze onto your skin gently for about two minutes, and you'll start to feel this wonderful tingling sensation that shows you it's really working down in your pores. Rinse with cool water for an intensified tingle that will last about 10 minutes after you've dried and moisturized your skin. $8

Burt's Bees Fabulously Fresh Peppermint and Rosemary Bodywash is an excellent tiramisu for anyone who's got a case of the Mondays, or any day for that matter. I love all things peppermint, especially bath and body products, so this was a no-brainer for me. This bodywash lathers up and when loofahed all over, just makes you feel uber clean and fabulously fresh. For you morning shower-takers, this is a great way to start the day. For those who prefer night showers, the herbal essence of this product is sure to lull the stress from the daily grind right out of your system to prepare you for a peaceful night's sleep. $8

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