Friday, August 7, 2009

Run-in with Jesus feet

I've come under the belief that when life deals out an awkward situation, what better way than to post it on Cheryl's new blog?

Here's what happened to me this morning:

I make my way to my study hours at the Life Science Library, which is hidden inside the UT Tower, and it's a daily routine for me. Wake up at around 8.30a, get dressed, have breakfast, get to campus, run through last minute Italian exercises before class at 11.30a. It's usually as simple as that, and I never have any run-ins with anyone since campus is so scarce during Summer sessions.

Well, this morning I had heard The Proclaimers' "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" on the radio, which is a perfect wake-up morning song, right? So I'm in a pretty peppy mood, and I was ready to take care of business.

With my newspaper, Slim Fast, and a couple things I picked up from the Campus Computer Store in hand, I make my way up the marbled stairs a little more briskly this morning, but I still maintain my firm eye contact with their ascension. Stairs are pretty tricky and will get you if the mood strikes them right, e.g. when you're having a great start to a new day.

I finally make it up the two, long flights to the entrance of the Life Science Library, head still down, simultaneously glancing at today's headlines and admiring my new purchases when I see a pair of Jesus-sandaled feet - except they were really in a simple pair of Rainbow flip flops. Nevertheless, they were men's shoes.

Threshold situations are always difficult for me. Yes, there are several openings that these metal detectors provide for access in and out of the premises, but there's usually a particular one human nature tends to use. More or less, to the left if entering (female); to the right if exiting (male).

Because I am a courteous being and do not wholeheartedly enforce chivalry, (with the exception of door-opening/holding, which I oftentimes reciprocate) I inched my feet towards the other entrance as the pair of Jesus feet seemed to do the same. When I saw his hesitation, I thought, Oh, well I guess I can go through my original threshold.


So there we stood, nonverbally miscommunicating our intentions with our feet, and finally I followed through on my second choice threshold as he couldn't help but chuckle to himself as he watched me shuffle back and forth. An awkward tango, if you will. I uncomfortably squealed in a hushed tone (because this is a library) "Sorry!" and scurried off in embarrassment.

Mind you, it's already 100+ degrees out, I'm not fully dressed, I'm practically melting, I'm puffy from last night's happy hour shenanigans -- and I look up to see quite an attractive face to match those Jesus feet and that charming chuckle of his.

Needless to say, it didn't hurt that the combination of Jesus feet + face + and hearty, genuine, endearing chuckle crossed my path today. But it was definitely awkward.

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