Thursday, July 30, 2009

The road goes on forever, and the party never ends...

I never thought this week would end till it's the day after hump day, and everyone is well aware that Thursday - Sunday go by waaaaaay too quickly.

Today/tomorrow we're saying goodbye to 403. It's bittersweet. Quirky and Perky and I have lived through some pretty crazy nights in that place. I'd attempt to list off all of them, but only a few come to mind, and even stating them doesn't do it much justice. But here I go. (I will probably add as things come to mind.)

1. Five Party Night
2. Perky's and my 21st birthday extravaganza, penguin suit included
3. Fourth roommates
4. Quirky finding Red Lipstick Koala's photo of us tucked in her car visor (driver's side)
5. "Safe house"
6. Fifa Soccer @ 402
  • "Ew. Double ew."
7. Numerous game nights, one of which included Suck and Blow
8. Lighting up our balcony with the best icon EVER
9. Hanging out on the roof with strangers fishing for a tree limb off someone elses' balcony
10. Quirky and Perky's experience with the Guadalupe Tornado before driving to Dallas to leave for Breckenridge
11. Halloween night and being under 21 - "No one cares what purse you'll be wearing."
12. Late-nite shenanigans...
  • F: Get the fuck out!
  • Q: ...but it's my room...
  • F: And lock the door on your way out!
13. Watching post-6th street via E-bus fights from the balcony
14. Witnessing the fat Sigma Chi literally roll over some dude
15. The homeless lady passed out in front of the Tri Delt house
16. "Dude, don't call it that" night
17. The night that shall forever be forgotten, in which Q was "still drunk... and it's NOON."
18. Laughing as people drove the wrong way on BOTH the streets that intersected at our apt.
19. Secret Santa parties with the girls
20. Monday night drunkards - featuring Quirky and me - and a visit to Sun Hing, a local Chinese joint
21. 403 PALS dinner nights (fajitas, spaghetti)
22. Fratter's 21st = epic fail; he and Quirky became blood bros. that night
23. "Get off my best friend!"
24. Inter-wing fraternization
25. Ken's midnight donut runs
26. Perky's missing/misplaced cheese
  • "who moved my cheese??"
  • "i know it was right here!"
  • "this is not my cheese!"
  • "i just opened a new package!!"
27. Constantly baking for neighbors
  • "...did he even notice we brought him cupcakes??"
28. Quirky's phonecalls to home
  • "his name is paul. yes, paul. PAUL.
  • .... P-A-U-L!"
  • "...are you talking about the cacti??"
29. The guy who took his shirt off on command & came up to party with us
30. "Little Miss Sunshine" & arguing about the DVD player
  • "I have it under control, just tell me which remote goes to the DVD player!"
31. True Blood Sundays
32. "These girls... they're smart, bro. And quick. They don't let anything get past ya."
33. The week the room smelled of peppermint lotion
34. Reverse knocking/noise complaints
35. Numerous times the doormat was stolen
36. The ominous "Grey Lady"
37. Narrating vending machine fratters
38. Narrating fights going on outside
  • "Guys, if anything gets too rowdy... the shorts are coming off."
39. Pulling up our bathroom door in order to close it
40. The generation of 403 PALS
41. Sleeping on the floor our last night @ 403 as 403 PALS
  • Q: Okay, don't get wrapped up in these cords over here...
  • M: Just hope I don't end up next to you...
  • Q: That's why I'm making this barricade of technology!

Hopefully I can add more with Perky and Quirky's input.

And I know nothing on this list makes much sense to anyone outside of our college clique, but take from it what you will. It's been a crazy ride.


  1. Awwwwwh! Sounds like you had some awesome, life-changing times in that place, all with their own hour-long stories with different versions and mis-remembered comments all woven into the words. What a warm home. (I'm sorry I never got to see it.)

    P.S. I read your post about your Professore, and it made me think of Eurotrip, haha: "Mi scusi! Mi scusi!"

  2. MY 403 will be missed terribly but I'm very excited about 413 and the new adventures to come this next year!

    I'm trying hard to think of some more funny moments because I KNOW there were many, but you've seriously done a really great job of recording my favorites!