Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fwd: G-sailing and migas

The girls (Perky Girl & Quirky Girl) and I went garage sailing this morning.
Getting up was pretty hard to do, but for $1 bargains, we all got
right up!

Saw the cutest French bulldog at the first garage sale. Bought a few decorative lamps originally from World Market there, along with a Cardio Remix CD, all for $2.

Made me miss my nephew, Peyton.

Peyton absolutely loves chasing around tennis balls that are bigger than his head.

(His mom is going to HATE me for posting this! It's a bad picture of him from right after he had to get shaved due to a massive abundance of tangles. Gramps + Grandma (Lola) were totally shocked/disappointed when he came home from the groomer's that day. Lola said, "He's never going to get his hair cut ever again! Just grow it out!" And Gramps said, "He looks like a little Ethiopian child." Promise he's much bigger and cuter in person now!)

Had breakfast @ Taquiera Los Jalicienses, where breakfast platters are
$3.50 and migas are deeeelish.

And an outing with the girls never goes without a memorable story...

Perky Girl got up to wash her hands, but I forgot to warn her about
the lack of paper towels...

PG: There weren't any paper towels in there...
SU: Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you. I just used the TP.
QG: ...She's totally wet!

I look up to see Perky's hands white-knuckle gripped around her
water glass... gone undried. We all laugh at another one of her many
anticipated antics as she snatches a napkin.

They've also got a preeetty creepy jukebox machine that plays songs sporadically. By sporadically, I mean the songs simply start to play - and no one's put any change in to select a request.

Perky started to laugh because I was getting freaked out, and I knew her particular laughter was because she was blaming it on the Grey Lady** in her head. She always starts to laugh when I get freaked out because she thinks back on the first occurrence of the Grey Lady. But right after we all recognized that it was doing it all on its own, the pages of album covers started to turn, and the machine chose another song to play. That's when we all were laughing uncontrollably.

**The Grey Lady is a character from a poster we found in our apartment building elevator coming home one night. Someone had put up a sign in the style of a wanted ad, describing in great detail of how residents were complaining of hauntings and sightings of a gossamer and ghastly woman dressed in a tattered nightgown. At the bottom of the sign, there was a clip art image of a greyscale woman that terrified the wits out of me. Screaming ensued for the remainder of our elevator ride, and I could barely go to sleep at night. Now, when Quirky's alarm clock light or my lamp flickers, or when our bathroom door's hinges get loose and the door slowly creaks open, Perky bursts into a fit of giggles and I tell her to stop and shut up because I know she's blaming the Grey Lady in her head.

Of course, I avoided riding the elevator at all costs. Not that it would have caused a big change in my usual routine, as our apartment is right next to the stairwell - useful for escaping fires and/or parties busted by the cops or TABC.

But a couple days later, Quirky found and took a poster similar to the one of the GL but instead, the protagonist was a velociraptor from Jurassic Park.

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